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  • Why do you need a survey ?

  • Eyes wide open ........... the full picture.

  • If you are buying an older, possibly ancient, French property, the estate agent might well tell you ‘It has been standing for more than 200 years.  It's not going to fall down tomorrow.  You don't need a survey'.  But is this really the point?

  • Buying a house in France is a very personal thing and much of the decision making can be emotionally driven.  There are also the numerous practical considerations, such as proximity to shops, schools and leisure pursuits, style, immediate environment and simply whether it ‘feels' right.  These are all outside the surveyor's brief.  Your surveyor is there to undertake a ‘technical audit' of the building, so that you have the full picture presented in an objective way.

  • When you visit the property as part of your search and it meets your main criteria, how clearly will you be looking into its condition?   There will be obvious defects that you can't help but notice.  There will also be those that you might miss and  those which appear trivial but in fact are serious, and vice-versa. Deficiencies and incipient structural problems can go undetected for years until a major problem arises.

  • The house might appear to be immaculate, but have the requisite planning consents been obtained?  Was the work done by the vendor without guarantees?  Will you be able to fulfil your plans to develop within the constraints of local planning policy?  Does the sewerage system comply or are you in for an expensive surprise?  Has the Capricorn beetle in the roof timbers diminished the strength of a principal truss?  Are the electrics safe?  These are just a few of the many points your surveyor will examine.

  • By getting to the bottom of these questions and putting the answers into context, you will gain  a full picture of what you are letting yourself in for.  The surveyor is more than just your second pair of eyes.  His experience of French building practices and his intuition will provide you with an in-depth assessment of the property you are about to buy, so you know where you stand right from the outset.

  • James Latter