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  • Interior design with flair and elegance

    Interior design is one of our speciality in France. We use the best artisans to complete successful projects with full budgeted schedule of works. Whatever the size of your project, and whatever the budget, our aim is to provide you with our professional expertise to help you through all local difficulties right from the start up to the very final stage of your project.

  • Renovation in France

    Renovating a property in France is not an easy thing! Most Brits having already experienced it will confirm that hunting around on the internet for English guides to the French way of doing things will definitely not save you the trouble of the long way through the French bureaucracy, the difficulty to find reliable builders, not to mention language problems!

  • Our years of experience in this new environment, along with the invaluable network of reliable property specialists we have created with the time, will be an irreplaceable asset to help you completing your renovation project with a smile on your face !